AUB van Bergen is a renowned employment agency with clients in greenhouse horticulture, fruits and vegetables, flower bulbs, as well as in the industrial sector. We know a lot about production processes, and share that knowledge with our clients, helping them save cost.


We work with Eastern European people mostly, who we respect and treasure. They are the core of our business, and our calling card. Their effort and enthusiasm contribute to the success of our organization.


We keep track of all developments, and adjust our policies if necessary. Not only the relevant laws and regulations, but also developments in the area of work processes are of interest to us, because with this knowledge, we can further contribute to the efficiency of our clients. We share our knowledge.


We have been in this business for over 30 years. Some things you can’t learn by reading about them, you need to do them. We know this better than anyone. The market changes all the time, and we make sure we are aware of these changes. By being on the move constantly, we make sure we remain a relevant partner for our customers. Some of our clients have been there from the start, which makes us very proud.


We own a lot of knowledge and experience, which we like to share with our clients. By pooling knowledge, the collaboration becomes more attractive for both parties. The client saves on cost, and we benefit from more efficient operations.