Looking for work? You’ll feel at home with us!

We work with our temp workers based on mutual respect. We offer excellent salaries, good housing, and provide committed clients for whom it’s pleasant to work.


If you come to work for us, preferably for an extended period, we will take care of you!


We are mainly active in greenhouse horticulture, fruits and vegetables, flower bulbs and in the Industrial sector. Our production activities for the most part take place in modern greenhouses. Packaging flower bulbs and AGF (potatoes, vegetables and fruits) products is one of our specialties. In addition to those activities, we receive more and more assignments from the industrial sector, for various activities. In short, it’s up to you.


Our clients are mainly Westland companies in the horticulture, fresh produce, bulb, and industrial sectors.

What we do for you

We offer a pleasant work environment where you are valued and respected. We do everything to make sure your work and living conditions are perfect. Fair remuneration, actively involved clients, pleasant and safe work locations, affordable and neat living spaces (SNF-certified), transportation, education and training. And, if needed, personal attention. We are there for you.

What do we ask from you?

We work on the basis of respect, and we expect the same from you. We want to work with temp workers who are motivated and who enjoy their work. People with a positive attitude, who are proud of what they do. We are, too.

We prefer you enter into a long term agreement with us, so that you can grow within our organization. How you do that, that’s up to you. We will look at the possibilities together.


We currently have various vacancies, which we would like to see filled by enthusiastic and motivated people. Click here for an overview of all available vacancies.


Do you want to work on the basis of mutual respect? Do you want a good salary and good working and living conditions? Then register now to experience what it’s like to work for AUB Van Bergen. After you have sent us your registration form, we will contact you within two working days.